Deadly Sins


The project is an attempt to find the sins in our modern society and to create a symbolic perception of them without relying on religious dogmas (shown in excerpts). The soundtracks have been created upfront and where designed as a basic layer according to each sin.

The word „deadly sin“ is rather colloquial, its meaning focuses rather on vices as such. In a way, terms like sloth, lust and gluttony are forgotten, sound old-fashioned and out-dated. Nonetheless, these vices can obviously be found in our modern society. Success and influence are desirable values. And even most of us find ourself giving in to these vices from time to time, so that it is safe to say, that they are ever-present.


Style: 2D-animation
Length: 2’23

Some situations cause pain and the feeling, that the whole world is crumbling down. When pain starts to get unbearable, an anger rises that makes one blind and one strives for amends. Driven with vengeance, you finally let go if and when your thirst for vengeance is satosfoed.

2010_02 - Wrath 2 2010_02 - Wrath 7 2010_02 - Wrath 6 2010_02 - Wrath 5 2010_02 - Wrath 3


Style: 3D-animation
Length: 2’44

Time is one of the greater „enemies“ of mankind, each and every one of us is free to use it as we please. But he who rests, who doesn’t act and value the time he has been given, he wastes it. This sloth is a vicious circle, he gets estranged to his environment and finally, his isolation will lead to oblivion.

2010_02 - Sloth 1 2010_02 - Sloth 8 2010_02 - Sloth 7 2010_02 - Sloth 4


Style: 2D/3D-animation
Length: 2’18

Today there are lots of possibilities to let yourself go and to overcome one’s inhibitions. Lust for the lust of others or the quest for random entertainment.

2010_02 - Lust 1 2010_02 - Lust 9 2010_02 - Lust 6


Style: 2D-Animation/stop-motion
Length: 2’21

Man relishes. He doesn’t want to satisfy basic needs but strives luxury. More than a few lose control, boundaries get blurry and pleasure yields addiction. Reward turns to habit and a everlasting need for relentless satisfaction.

2010_02 - Gluttony 1 2010_02 - Gluttony 4 2010_02 - Gluttony 3