After Effects CC 2017

This day, another one of my instructional is hitting the book shelves. Being one of my everyday tools, I wrote a 101 starting guide for Adobe After Effects. Witihn a couple of exciting months, I put together a step-by-step manual, starting with basic keyframing to finishing and fine-tuning animations. Along the way, the reader gets to know about color correction, VFX, compositing, 3D and stabilisation. You can check it at out at here.

Premiere Elements 15

Once again, I redid the beginner’s guide for Adobe’s editing software. You can get it at mitp or Amazon.

Premiere Elements Reloaded

Adobe recently released Premiere Elements 14, so I did an update on the beginner’s guide, published by my good friends at mitp. Get a copy and read all about the new features and some new tricks.


New edition of GoPro Book

The second and updatd edition of our instructional „Und Action – Unterwegs mit der GoPro“ is now available. Go check it out at mitp or at Amazon.