Portrait Georg Froemelt
Georg Frömelt is currently living in Berlin and works as a freelance videographer. His work involves live-action, motion design as well as movement in 2D and 3D spaces. Georg Frömelt finished his B.F.A. in media design/art in 2012 at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Since then, he has been working with various clients including:

BMW, Airbus, Bosch, DFL, HSV, Porsche, Netflix, Cinestar, Sky Ticket, AOK and Mercedes Benz.

Due to his experience as a videographer he has published a few books featuring video editing in Adobe Premiere, the GoPro action camera and Adobe After Effects, all released by the mitp-Verlag.

Besides he is working as a  videographer for the WebTV-platform Ride Free TV and Custombike Magazine with focus on the Kustom culture.