Breit Tour Spring 2016

A short pre-tour teaser, made for Breit and their upcoming tour in March 2016.

Annihilate Teaser – Sonic Dawn & Burnpilot

A facebook teaser for a psychedelic rock show at Manfred’s in Leipzig. On Feb 28, Sonic Dawn & Burnpilot are gonna mess with your convolutions.


Annihilate Gathering Round-Up

My friend Lars Jannik and me spent two days at the Annihilate Gathering in October last year to capture the live acts, the crowd and hopefully the energy between them.

Premiere Elements Reloaded

Adobe recently released Premiere Elements 14, so I did an update on the beginner’s guide, published by my good friends at mitp. Get a copy and read all about the new features and some new tricks.


Music Videos

Breit – Seven Ravens

The girls and boys in Breit released a new song „Seven Ravens“, recorded in Leipzig. The music video features footage of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s surreal master piece „Holy Mountain“ (originally: La montaña sagrada), shot in 1973. The narrative takes you on another journey to learn about mankind, its figuratives and symbols, life and recurrence.

Check out their music and live shows on Bandcamp or Facebook.

Olympia ’72 – Opening Title Sequence

In october 2015 a group of young filmmakers produced a 30 min documentary about the tragedy at the Olympic Games in 1972. The talented guys mixed original footage with new interviews and reenactement material, as well as numerous shots of places full of historical value.

I had the chance to work with them on their title sequence. The one minute titles was created with original scans of newspapers, which I animated to give more depth and movement to the background.

Check out the project or the complete movie.

Annihilate Gathering – Teaser

Annihilate is a crazy bunch of people who decided to brighten up Leipzig’s music scene by bringing noisy talent into local venues. The focus is on alternative music, e.g. stoner, psychadelic and doom, meanwhile NOT excluding punk or folk at the same time. In november 2015 the crew organised their first two-day mini festival called Annihilate Gathering which gave display to numerous bands from Russia, France and Germany. The teaser is a collage to creatively showcase the billing and mimic the spirit of the festival at the same time.

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