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  • New reel

    I put together a little potpourri of the stuff I’ve done so far. Check it out and enjoy!

  • Videoschnitt mit Premiere Elements 12

    Adobe brushed up on their editing tool for novices and beginners, a.k.a. Premiere Elements in its 12th revision. And so did I. My new handbook in collaboration with Volker Berg is now…

  • Unterwegs mit der GoPro

    As of now, my second book is hitting the book stores. In collaboration with Ben Grna, we put the GoPro HD Hero to the acid. Our results are published in mitp-FotoHits “Und Action…

  • “Continuation” by Ashes Of A Lifetime

    As of today the music clip for “Continuation” is available online. ASHES OF A LIFETIME take another step towards releasiing their new EP “Green”. Pretty stoked about the result…